Canapo's Mission Statement

Canapo Art Gallery was opened for business in 1994. Seeing a great demand for Fine Latin Art, Carlos Porras, owner of Canapo Gallery decided to focus on Latin Art in his gallery. Using the broad meaning of the Latin word and its origin from Italy, Canapo Art Gallery features artists from Italy, Spain, France as well as artists from Mexico, Chile, Peru and the rest of Latin America. 

Canapo’s commitment to bring unique art has been realized through the years with artists such as Mexican watercolorist Ruben Resendiz, who created a new style within the watercolor technique in which he uses only two to three colors creating an amazing effect of light and shadow. Also, Fray Robertino who developed a unique technique called sculpture painting. From Chile, Francisca Valenzuela who has created and mixed techniques combining the realism and abstract styles into one by adding a special texture to her paintings.  

Our gallery has built an excellent reputation for the quality and uniqueness of the art that we represent and more importantly for our credibility, professionalism, and commitment to please our customers.

We feature hand carved frames made in México, especially for our paintings. These frames suit the Latin Art perfectly and add an impressive character to our paintings. We believe that “the frame dresses the painting.”

Our exclusive artist Ruben Resendiz has been our main artist for the last eight years and in the last three years he has become one of the best selling artists in Carmel.

Please come and join us in our comfortable pressure free gallery in beautiful downtown Carmel to visit with us and to view the many fine international works of art that we have on display and in inventory.  

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